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Why does it cost more to live in a gated community?

Why does it cost more tods live in a gated community in Spring Texas and is it worth it?  The first part of the question I can answer for you.  Whether it's worth the extra cost is one of personal opinion. We have several gated communities in Spring Texas including Estates at Creek Ends, Spring Lakes, Lakes of Cypress Forest, Bainbridge Estates, Canyon Gate at Legends Ranch, the Falls at Champion Forest, Cypress Forest Lakes, the Sanctuary and more.  The annual home owners association (HOA) fees for...Continue Reading!

Real Estate negotiations – business or personal?

Negotiating the sell or purchase of Spring Texas real estate is vastly different than other business negotiations.  Yes, there are some similarities between real estate and business negotiations. They both involve a contract and require give and take between people or corporations. But that's where the similarity ends between real estate and business negotiations. Business negotiations are just that business. It's nothing personal just business.  Real estate negotiations are almost the exact opposite.  Yes, it's still business but there is an awful lot of personal involved. In business negotiations, unless you...Continue Reading!

If the house doesn’t appraise for the sales price, are you stuck with buying the house?

The short answer is NO.  Paragraph 4A(1) of the Texas residential real estate contract states: "If the property does not satisfy the lenders' underwriting requirements for the loan(s),  this contract will terminate and the earnest money will be refunded to buyer." If you are purchasing a Spring Texas house on the resale market, paragraph 4A(1) protects you from having to buy a home that doesn't appraise.  The same level of protection may or may not exist in the purchase of a new construction home. This is...Continue Reading!

How to buy a Spring Texas house

The other day, Seth Godin (one of my favorite authors) wrote a post on his blog titled "How to buy a house".  Seth shared some good advice.  Advice which holds true during both buyers markets and sellers markets and in every local real estate market across the U.S. including the Spring Texas real estate market. Seth's advice was not about the process of buying and closing on a house but rather about how you should think about buying a house. Thinking .... you do a lot of it when...Continue Reading!

Crime Rates for Spring Texas

Is insert name of neighborhood a good Spring Texas neighborhood to live in?  If you are relocating to Spring Texas, this is a question you want answered.  Unfortunately, the National Association of Realtors code of ethics prohibits Realtors which includes me from directly answering this question. So where can you go to get information on crime rates for Spring Texas? has an easy to use interface and allows you to search by specific zip codes.  The data is more up to date than the U.S. census data which...Continue Reading!

The Grand Parkway and resale value

For years now, we have been hearing about the Grand Parkway and its proposed path (Segment F-2) through Northwest Harris County.  Segment F-2 is projected to be 12+ miles and will connect SH 249 to I-45.    When all of the segments of the Grand Parkway are completed, and I do believe it will be when and not if, the Grand Parkway will encompass 180+ miles and become Houston's third outer loop.  Another loop around Houston will provide relief for traffic congestion and decrease commute times to work. ...Continue Reading!

Spending habits of Spring Texas residents

Money ... Money ...  Money ....  Where does it all go?  The majority of the time we don't know where our money has gone.  We just know it's gone. With the help of, we can now gain some insight into our spending habits and the spending habits of our Spring Texas neighbors. Bundle breaks down the spending of Spring Texas households into the categories of shopping, health & family, getting around, house & home, food & drink, and travel & leisure.  Bundle's data does not include...Continue Reading!

Flood Insurance increases AGAIN!!

Before you buy a Spring Texas home located in the 100 year flood zone, you need to stop and consider the rising cost of flood insurance.  In 2009, flood insurance on Spring Texas homes located in the 100 year flood zone averaged a 6% increase and in 2010, they increased an additional 8%.  Now, don't confuse home owners or hazard insurance with flood insurance because flood insurance is a completely separate insurance policy.  If your Spring Texas home is located in the...Continue Reading!

New iPhone App estimates FICO score

The number of iPhone Apps just got larger with the introduction of the MyFICO credit score estimator.  The MyFico App quickly estimates your credit score based upon the answers you provide to 10 multiple choice questions. The questions are about the number of credit cards you have, how long ago you got your first credit card and first loan, how many loans or credit cards you have recently applied for, how many your loans and/or credit cards have balances and what are those balances, if you have...Continue Reading!

National Open House Weekend April 10 – 11, 2010

You will a lot of balloons and open house signs this weekend as numerous state and local real estate associations are participating in the first national open house weekend.  My fellow Realtors® with Prudential Gary Greene Realtors are not ones to be left out as over 400 homes are scheduled to be opened on April 11th. If you are a buyer, this Sunday is a great opportunity for you to get out and view numerous Spring Texas houses.  Just remember, if you fall in...Continue Reading!