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Top 10 Tips for NEW Home Buyers

Before you purchase that new home to call Home Sweet Home, Read our Top 10 tips for NEW home buyers. Location, Location, Location - The lot you select will impact the home's future resale value. In Spring Texas, the characteristics of your lot becomes even more crucial since there are No Zoning Laws. If vacant land is viewable from the lot, you want to find out if the land has been platted to be part of the Spring Texas subdivision. If...Continue Reading!

Top 10 Reasons why NOW is a good time to BUY a HOME

TOP 10 REASONS WHY NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO BUY A HOME Interest Rates are still near historically 40 year lows. I remember when I purchased my first home in 1990, 17 years ago. The interest rate on the loan was 10% and I qualified for that rate because I had a high credit score. It was not a sub-prime rate. Builders offer some of their best prices and incentives at year end. Builders need to reduce their year end...Continue Reading!

What is a Texas Basement?

I grew up in the Midwest and in our house we had a basement. I would have to say that our basement's main purposes of use were storage and as a hang out room for the kids. In the summer, we spent a lot of time in the basement because it was always the coolest room in the house. Spring Texas homes do not have the typical underground basements because the water table is too high or in other words the...Continue Reading!

What is a Master Planned Community?

What is a master planned community is a question that I am frequently asked. A master planned community is a large scale development featuring a wide range of housing prices and styles, an array of amenities, and multiple non-residential land uses. The uses of the land have been planned in advance. In Spring, TX, we have several master planned communities to choose from including the Woodlands, Gleannloch Farms, Windrose, Spring Trails and Spring Lakes. The Woodlands is one of the largest and...Continue Reading!

Not knowing your subdivision’s deed restrictions can be costly!

You just moved in to your new Spring TX home and now you are ready to personalize it. But wait before you do you better check your subdivision's deed restrictions. Deed restrictions are enforced by your HOA and are meant to protect yours and your neighbors Spring TX property values. If you want to make exterior changes, additions, improvements and/or alternations to your property they must first be submitted in writing and approved by the HOA's Architectural Control Committee (ACC)....Continue Reading!

What does NO Zoning in Spring Texas really mean?

Houston and its surrounding areas including Spring Texas have a no zoning ordinance. Zoning is when a community defines the type of real estate that may exist whether that be single family residential, multi-family residential, or commercial. No zoning ordinances allow the market to determine the type of real estate. In Spring TX, we still have ample vacant land available just waiting to be purchased by a developer to create a new subdivision or a new strip mall. During your decision...Continue Reading!

Should you care if your Spring Texas home is an Energy Star home?

It seems that we hear a lot of builders in Spring Texas advertising their new homes as Energy Star Homes, but what exactly is an Energy Star Home and should we really care? (more…)Continue Reading!

What is a HOA?

The majority of Spring Texas subdivisions have an HOA and as such it is important to know what it is, what it does, and what the annual fee is. The HOA is the Home Owners Association and it plays a vital role in maintaining subdivisions and the resale value of Spring TX homes. Membership in most cases in the HOA is mandatory and not voluntary. The HOA has a board made up of elected homeowners. All of the board members serve...Continue Reading!

What is a MUD?

If you are thinking about buying property in the Spring Texas area, you will soon hear the word MUD. A MUD (Municipal Utility District) is a special governmental entity created by the State of Texas whose main functions are to provide water, sewage, drainage, and other services within its boundaries. A MUD may levy and collect taxes, issue bonds, charge for services, condemn property, enforce restrictive covenants and make regulations to accomplish its purposes. In the greater (unincorporated) Houston area, there...Continue Reading!