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The three words every buyer wants to hear – Clear to Close

Buying a Spring Texas house is a series of steps and upon the completion of each and every step the anticipation and excitement of move-in day builds. The most stressful and the least fun step in buying a Spring Texas home has to be getting a mortgage. The mortgage process starts off easy. The loan officer asks you a few questions, checks your credit score, and then you receive the loan pre-approval. You think getting the loan pre-approval was so...Continue Reading!

Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it was built correctly

Should you have the Spring Texas home you are buying inspected?  Yes.  But do you need an inspection if the home is new?  Most buyers think the answer is No. But the answer is still the same - Yes. Just because the home is new doesn't mean it was built correctly. I know ... the builder told you he was having the house inspected.  So why should you spend money on an inspection when the builder has already had the house inspected?  Because the inspector hired by...Continue Reading!

What’s your risk?

In 2005, when Hurricane Rita headed towards Spring Texas did you stay or did you go?  In 2008, when Hurricane Ike came barreling ashore did you stay or did you go? For both Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike, we waivered back and forth in our decision to stay or to go.  But ultimately we decided to stay in Spring Texas and ride out the storms. The decision to stay was the right decision.  I know a lot of people who wished they had stayed for Hurricane Rita because the...Continue Reading!

How much did they buy the house for?

When you're interested in buying a Spring Texas house, do you wonder how much the sellers paid for it?  Or maybe you wonder how much the sellers mortgage is? This is what I call "good to know" information. But that's all it is. How much a seller paid for his house or how much he owes on his mortgage has absolutely no bearing on the value of the house or what the seller would be willing to sell his house for.  It is "good to know"...Continue Reading!

Mortgage rates hit new record lows

Freddie Mac has announced mortgage rates have hit new record lows with the average 30-year mortgage rate being 3.84%.  No, that's not a typo.  It is 3.84%. But with the 3.84% being an average rate, it makes you wonder if any home buyer / borrower is ever able to get the low average rate?  The answer is YES! I'm currently representing a buyer on the purchase of a new construction home in the Woodlands and the terms of their mortgage are 0.8% origination fee with a...Continue Reading!

Crime Reports for Spring Texas

When working with buyers relocating to the Spring Texas area, I am typically asked "What's the crime like in Spring Texas?" That's a loaded question because the National Association of Realtors code of ethics prohibits Realtors which includes me from directly answering the question. What I am permitted to do is to provide a source where you can check out the crime rates yourself. You can then form your own opinion about the crime in the Spring Texas area. The best source I have found for...Continue Reading!

96% of people believe now is a good time to purchase a home

The American Dream of owning a home is still alive. According to a recent national survey conducted by Prudential Real Estate, the majority of people still believe real estate is a GOOD investment. A couple of key findings from Prudential Real Estate's recent survey are: With interest rates at historical lows, 96% of people believe now is a good time to purchase home 70% of respondents believe their property values will increase over the next two years 63% believe that real estate is a...Continue Reading!

Lakes of Cypress Forest begins development on Section 4

Seven years after the first homes were built, Lakes of Cypress Forest has begun development on the final section of its community.  Lakes of Cypress Forest, a gated community in Spring Texas, is located off of Cypresswood about 1.5 miles from I-45 in the Klein school district. Upon completion of the 111 homes planned for its final section (section 4), the number of homes in Lakes of Cypress Forest will total over 470.  The homes in Section 4 of Lakes of Cypress Forest will be accessible through a...Continue Reading!

How long before the sellers respond?

When you submit an offer on a house in Spring Texas, how long does it take before the sellers respond?  Depends on when you submit the offer and who the seller is. If the house is a Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Corporate Relocation, it is owned by a corporation. The people who make the decisions for the corporation work 8 to 5 pm Monday - Friday.  Thus if you submit an offer outside of the normal work days and hours, the earliest you will...Continue Reading!

Garage Sales

It really doesn't matter whether you call them Garage Sales or Yard Sales, they both represent an opportunity for you to purge your closets and sale unwanted items.  But don't go grabbing your markers to make your garage sale signs without first checking your subdivisions deed restrictions.  As the deed restrictions of many Spring Texas subdivisions prohibit garage sales. In the subdivisions that do permit garage sales, many HOAs will organize and host bi-annual garage sales to reduce the traffic generated by weekly garage sales. In The Woodlands, if...Continue Reading!