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Can the buyers make you close if you don’t want to?

The decision to sell or not to sell is not always an easy decision.  Sometimes it's only after the you have signed the contract that remorse sets in. Maybe your situation changed or maybe your net proceeds is going to be significantly less than what you thought.  If you have changed your mind and no longer want to sell your Spring Texas house, what do you do?  Can the buyers make you close if you don't want to? You and the buyers entered into a legally binding contract...Continue Reading!

Where’s the healthiest housing markets for 2013?

Number 1 on the list of the Top 10 Healthiest Housing Markets for 2013 is .....  drum roll, please ......  Houston Texas.  Based upon a city's job growth, vacancy rates, and foreclosure rates, determined the healthiest housing markets. Houston and San Francisco came out on top due to their solid fundamentals. 1.  Houston, TX 2.  San Francisco, CA 3.  Bethesda -Rockville - Frederick, MD 4.   San Antonio, TX 5.   Austin, TX 6.   Seattle, WA 7.   Omaha, NE 8.   Peabody, MA 9.   Fort Worth, TX 10. Louisville, KY-IN The housing prices in other markets have experienced...Continue Reading!

Decorating for the Holidays – Bah humbug or Joyful Joyful

It's December and your house is on the Spring Texas real estate market. So the question is do you decorate or not? Go ahead and decorate but do so within reason. The year that your house is on the market during the holiday season is not the year to recreate a scene from the Griswold's Christmas vacation. Nor is it the time to display your collections of 50 snow globes and 100 Santa Clauses. Scale down your decorations to a wreath, Christmas...Continue Reading!

Gary Greene returns to its green roots

It's a new day and a return to the green for Gary Greene Realtors. After a successful 12 year affiliation with Prudential Real Estate, Gary Greene Realtors has decided to return to its green roots and team up once again with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. In addition to new tools, articles, and video, the affiliation with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate will bring crucial relocation business to Gary Greene. Most importantly relocation business from Cartus Relocation, the preferred...Continue Reading!

What about the pets?

Selling your home, whether it's located in Spring Texas or Katmandu, is not fun. It's a hassle, it's stressful, and down right inconvenient. It would be so much easier if buyers would just look at the photos of your house and then submit an offer. Some day that may actually happen but until it does, buyers want to view your house in person. As a seller you want buyers to feel comfortable and spend as much time as possible in your home. You want buyers to envision themselves living in your home and...Continue Reading!

Are you getting your fair share of showings?

You've had your house on the Spring Texas real estate market for 30 days now and in that time you've had only 1 showing. Are you getting your fair share of showings or is your competition averaging more showings than you? If your Spring Texas Realtor is utilizing the Centralized Showing Service to schedule your showings, then the answer you seek is within reach. Our showing service provides us with the ability to run numerous market reports. My favorite is the showing report. I can select...Continue Reading!

Increase showings on your house by doing this one thing

On a recent Saturday, I had scheduled showings to view 8 homes in Spring Texas. There was one home in particular my buyers were extremely anxious to view.  The home was within their budget, it had been recently updated, it had a good size backyard, and it was on a greenbelt. This Spring Texas home checked all the boxes on their list of criteria. On our way to the front door, we chatted about all how wonderful the neighborhood was and how convenient it is to I-45.  I...Continue Reading!

Plan for the end in the beginning

What do curtains, shelves, fireplace screens, television brackets, and garage hooks all have in common?  They are all items that at one point in time in my career as a Spring Texas Realtor I had to request / beg buyers to allow sellers to take with them. In real estate all items are negotiable which includes curtains, shelves, fireplace screens, television brackets, and garage hooks. It's the timing of the negotiations that dictates whether the negotiations will go smoothly or will be a challenge. Negotiating items to be retained...Continue Reading!

Prudential Gary Greene stands alone in the Top 100

Prudential Gary Greene Realtors is the only HOUSTON based brokerage to break into the Top 100 on RisMedia's list of Top Brokers in the Nation.  In 2011, Prudential Gary Greene completed 6,509 real estate transactions with a sales volume of $1,576.526,862 ranking 55 and 53, respectively.   Thank you to all the buyers and sellers our brokerage had the opportunity and the pleasure to service in 2011.  When you are ready to sell your Spring Texas house, give us a call at 281.804.8626. List with the...Continue Reading!

Do you have to repay the $8,000 home buyers tax credit?

Two years ago you bought a Spring Texas home. In return for buying a home, our government gave you an $8,000 tax credit.  It was a sweet deal!! Today you just found out your employer is moving its corporate office.  Your 10 minute drive to work will turn into 50 minutes. You want to sell your Spring Texas home and move because a 50 minute commute to work will drive you insane. The only thing holding you back from listing your house is you would have to...Continue Reading!