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What you need to know about Spring Texas real estate taxes

When you are considering buying a Spring Texas home, there are a couple of things you need to know about real estate taxes. 1. Tax Amount Without Exemptions - The real estate taxes identified on a home's listing is BEFORE / WITHOUT exemptions.  You may qualify for a homestead, over 65, or disabled exemptions. All of these exemptions will reduce your Spring Texas real estate taxes.  How much lower the real estate taxes will be for a property depends upon the...Continue Reading!

Harris County home values drop further in 2012

The Harris County appraisal district has finished their assessment of residential home values and not the bill but the value will soon be arriving in your mailbox. How will your Spring Texas home fare?  Will your home's tax value be higher, lower, or stay the same?  For the majority of Harris County homeowners the tax assessed value of their homes will remain the same for 2012. But some homeowners experienced a further decline in value in 2012.  To the right is how the numbers break down for 2012. If...Continue Reading!

Knock, Knock … It’s the tax man

Has this situation ever happened to you?  After hearing a knock on your front door, you get up to see who it is.  But instead of finding a girl scout selling cookies on your front porch, you find an appraiser from the Harris County Appraisal District. After showing you his identification badge and introducing himself, the appraiser bombards you with questions about your Spring Texas house. "How many rooms are there in your house?" "How many bathrooms do you have?" "Do you have a pool?" "Can I...Continue Reading!

Understanding the Property Tax System

In Spring Texas, our property tax system is comprised of four stages: 1. Appraising the taxable property, 2. Reviewing and equalizing the appraised values, 3.  Adopting the tax rates and 4. Collecting the taxes. Appraising the taxable property - Residential properties in Harris County are appraised as of January 1st of the tax year. An appraised value and a market value is determined for your home. Between January 1 - April 30th, the Harris County appraisal district also processes applications for exemptions with the most common exemption being the...Continue Reading!

Majority of Harris County home values remain unchanged for 2011

Do you think the Spring Texas real estate market improved last year?  If you think the real estate market was relatively unchanged last year, the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) agrees with you. The Harris County Appraisal District is the organization responsible for appraising all commercial and residential real estate in Harris County as of the first of each year.   For 2011 the Harris County Appraisal District tax assessed: 8% of single family homes at an increase over 2010 73% of single family homes at the same as 2010 19% of...Continue Reading!

What are the tax advantages of owning a home?

Are you looking for ways to cut your income taxes?  Do what 34.6 million taxpayers already do to cut their taxes. They own a home and deduct the interest they paid on their home mortgages. The mortgage interest deduction cuts their federal income taxes by a total of nearly $77 billion. What are the tax advantages of owning a Spring Texas home?  There are 3 main tax deductions: 1. Mortgage interest - The interest you paid on your home's mortgage.  Your lender will send you a Form 1098  reflecting...Continue Reading!

Spring Texas Real Estate Taxes – Top 3 things you need to know

Top 3 things you need to know about Spring Texas real estate taxes: 1.  You did NOT file for your homestead exemption at closing.  Although you signed a pile of documents when you closed on your Spring Texas house, the homestead exemption form was not one of them.  You can only file for the homestead exemption between January 1st - April 30th of the tax year.  If you are uncertain if your account has a homestead exemption, then go to either the Harris County Appraisal District website or the Montgomery...Continue Reading!

How to file for a homestead exemption on your Spring Texas home

If you bought a home in Spring Texas in 2010, you have until April 30th to file for a residential homestead exemption. The homestead exemption will reduce the tax assessed value of your house which saves you money on your Spring Texas real estate taxes. There are additional exemptions available which may reduce your real estate taxes even further including exemptions for 65 and over, disability, 100% veterans and a surviving spouse. The main things to remember are you have to file and you have to file for the exemption between January...Continue Reading!

How to dispute your real estate taxes

If you haven't filed a protest of your Spring Texas real estate taxes yet, you still can.  But don't wait too much longer as the protest deadline is June 1st. Once you decide to protest the tax assessed value of your Spring Texas house, the next decision you have to make is do you protest the value yourself or do you hire a property tax reduction firm to do it for you? If you have the time to prepare, feel comfortable in presenting your data,...Continue Reading!

How to protest Spring Texas real estate taxes

Today is April 15th.  The day the majority of us associate with as the day our income tax returns are due.  I am not going to write about income taxes.  Although I do have an accounting degree, I am not qualified to give advice on the many changes in the income tax laws.  What I am qualified to write about is Spring Texas real estate and how you can protest your Spring Texas real estate taxes. If you haven't received your 2010 property valuation from the Harris...Continue Reading!