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Klein School District

klein school district The Klein school district was named after Adam Klein who led the German immigrants who initially settled in the area in 1849.

Located in the Spring Texas area, the Klein school district encompasses approximately 87.5 square miles. Its southern portion is adjacent to the corporate limits of the City of Houston. Most of the District is located between Interstate Highway 45 (IH 45) on the east and State Highway 249 (SH 249) on the west. The southern boundary follows Cypress Creek for a considerable distance and a portion of the northern boundary of the District is the same as the northern boundary of Harris County.

The Klein School District is comprised of:

  •  High schools – 4
  •  Intermediate schools – 8
  •  Elementary schools – 26

Total schools = 38 with a 2010-2011 enrollment of 45,063 students on the tenth day of classes. The enrollment figure for the 2009-2010 enrollment was 44,702 students.

The passage of a recent school bond has the Klein School District beginning construction on additional schools to support the continued population growth of the area.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) rates schools and districts primarily based upon the test results of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). A standardized test that is administered to students in grades 3 – 11.

The ratings given by the TEA to the schools and districts are (E) – Exemplary, (R) – Recognized, (A) – Academically Acceptable, and (U) – Unacceptable. To learn more about the ratings …. view Rating Texas Schools

  E R A U
Elementary Schools 16 8 2 0
Intermediate Schools 0 7 1 0
High Schools 0 3 1 0
Total Schools 16 18 4 0
Campus  School Accountability Rating
Benfer  Elementary Recognized
Beningus Elementary Exemplary
Brill Elementary Recognized
Ehrhardt Elementary Exemplary
Eiland Elementary Academically Acceptable
Epps Island Elementary Recognized
Frank Elementary Exemplary
Greenwood Forest Elementary Recognized
Hassler Elementary Exemplary
Haude Elementary Exemplary
Kaiser Elementary Recognized
Klenk Elementary Recognized
Kohrville Elementary Exemplary
Krahn Elementary Exemplary
Kreinhop Elementary Recognized
Kuehnle Elementary Exemplary
Lemm Elementary Exemplary
McDougle Elementary Exemplary
Metzler Elementary Exemplary
Mittelstadt Elementary Recognized
Nitsch Elementary Academically Acceptable
Northampton Elementary Exemplary
Roth Elementary Exemplary
Schultz Elementary Exemplary
Theiss Elementary Exemplary
Doerre Intermediate Recognized
Hildebrandt Intermediate Recognized
Kleb Intermediate Recognized
Klein Intermediate Academically Acceptable
Krimmel Intermediate Recognized
Schindewolf Intermediate Recognized
Strack Intermediate Recognized
Wunderlich Intermediate Recognized
Klein High School Recognized
Klein Collins High School Recognized
Klein Forest High School Academically Acceptable
Klein Oak High School Recognized
Klein School District    Recognized

 Not Evaluated – Mueller Elementary    Source – Texas Education Agency

The ratings are one of the ways parents evaluate Spring Texas schools in determining the quality of education provided to their children.